Hair growth with Propecia

What hair growth results will I see using Propecia?

Due to the rate of hair growth, around one centimetre per month, most patients begin to see noticeable results within three months, however this can vary. It can also improve the condition and thickness of existing hair.

Can women and children use Propecia?

Propecia is for men only. Women who have cause to believe they may be pregnant should not handle Propecia if they are broken or crushed, as it may hamper the development of the male sex organs in the foetus. Entire Propecia tablets are generally safe to handle as they are coated but caution is nevertheless strongly advised.

Can Propecia be used with other medication?

Tests have not revealed any complications due to interaction with any other common medicines.

Will there be any side effects while taking Propecia?

In tests using Propecia to increase hair growth has not caused side effects on most patients. A small percentage, under 2%, suffered sexual side effects. All side effects ceased upon discontinuation of the treatment.